The Ontario Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (ORVDA) represents over 170 dealers and associated service providers who bring the RV sector to life for Ontarians. A not-for-profit professional trade association, the ORVDA works on behalf of its members; an industry that employs over 21,860 people and generates over $1.64B to the provincial economy.

For four decades, ORVDA has played a vital role in the RV industry, delivering trusted advice and policy recommendations to government as well as access to technical certifications for its members. Ontario is Canada’s largest RV market, and its four major trade shows showcase RVs and the RV lifestyle to the public.

Lengthy multiple waves of the COVID 19 pandemic has resulted in significant disruptions to
key functions such as consumer trade shows across Canada. One of ORVDA’s primary contributions to its membership is as a market aggregator. Its RV shows are an important mechanism for delivering new audiences to participating dealers and associate members alike. Pooled community resources allow ORVDA to advertise the shows widely and present exhibitors broadly to consumer markets.

The Association’s investment in Ontario’s Mega RV Show (online, February 5-7, 2021) delivered new audiences and provided strong signals about the kind of content and experiences RV owners and those interested in RVing want. Overwhelmingly, they are looking for trustworthy sources of expert information on practical and technical tasks related to RVing and insight into lifestyle options.

2021 Outlook

The allure of healthy, outdoor vacations has never been greater. COVID-19 has accelerated
the appeal of RVing across all age groups. Consumer interest in RVs continues to surge, and sales are expected to be strong throughout 2021, however, the immediate future of live events and trade shows remains uncertain. For all enquiries and important updates with respect to RV shows across Ontario, we encourage you to visit our website at and subscribe to our newsletter.

ORVDA: a network of reputable, knowledgeable dealers to help you get started.

Your local RV dealer can help you find a vehicle that suits your lifestyle and budget. Some offer rentals, so you can try a few options before you buy. Members of the Ontario Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (ORVDA) meet the highest standards of professionalism: buy from our dealers and service providers with absolute confidence. When you choose an ORVDA member, you support local Ontario businesses. “There’s a better way to travel, Get an RV.”

For more information on the ORVDA, visit the organizations website at