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Boost Your RV Experience with the new weBoost Signal Booster

By Myles Arnott

Wilson Electronics has announced the release of a state of the art, high speed signal booster that is primed to take the signal boosting market by storm. The weBoost Destination RV Signal Booster boasts not only power or ease of connection, but a way for new RV owners to embrace the camping lifestyle while still being able to browse the web.

The weBoost Destination RV Signal Booster is primed to make a splash with RV users across Canada.

Josh Barnes, Director of Consumer Product Line at Wilson Electronics, spoke about the impact the booster will have on the younger generation of RV enthusiasts. “We’ve realized that a lot of RV’ers want peace of mind, and that is ultimately what they are purchasing.”

“People want to check their social media and a lot of RV’ers work from home, so we have taken these things into consideration to make a unit that is powerful, functions well and aesthetically has as much of a low impact on comfort as possible.”

The weBoost Destination RV Signal Booster was designed with the philosophy of improvement in mind. The booster has a 65db gain, providing a massive increase in signal speed and power.

“With the greater gain of the booster we are using, RV’ers are able to get farther away from towers than they have been able to before, and it also gives them more coverage area than they have had,“ said Barnes. The Destination RV Booster provides signal boosting for all models and brands of devices if they can access the frequencies amplified by the booster.

The booster is compact, accessible, and easy to install.

The Destination RV Signal Booster, while stationary, provides residential grade booster power, with regular vehicle boosting decibels coming at 50db. The extra 15db adds to the uplink and downlink power of the device, covering a much larger distance than most other signal boosters.

“There is more gain on the directional outside antenna, and there is more power in the panel antennas that we have than typical patch antennas.” Barnes expressed.

The Destination RV Signal Booster’s directional antenna also allows for quick switching between signals to maintain a consistently great signal no matter where RV users find themselves. The new and improved antenna is also much more compact, with a smaller panel and antenna going inside the RV to eliminate the bulky look most signal boosters suffer from.

“We know that space inside the RV is limited and valuable, so we want to take up less space with a still very powerful antenna,” Barnes stated.

When speaking about the increased signal range, Barnes said, “Every part of the system has more gain and is going to reach people farther away from towers than any other RV booster on the market.”

The outer antenna of the Destination RV Signal Booster is sleek and very pleasing to the eye.

The design of the weBoost Destination RV Signal Booster is also going to be a trail blazer within the signal boosting industry, as Wilson Electronics wanted to make a new, forward thinking device. The booster comes with an extendable and collapsible pole, giving large amounts of separation between both indoor and outdoor antennas. The adjustable pole provides RV users with an easy to use piece of equipment that goes the extra mile when it comes to signal strength and connection.

Not only is the weBoost Destination RV Signal Booster powerful, but it is also extremely easy to set up. Users of the Destination RV Signal Booster will be able to install the booster without the assistance of the manufacturer. With the initial installation being 30 minutes in length, campers can begin their journey quickly without being slowed down by lengthy installation processes. “We provide command strips with special mounting so [RV Users] don’t need to worry about drilling any holes in their RV,” Barnes assured.

Wilson Electronics is also providing technical support for anyone who needs assistance with the installation of the booster. “We have all kinds of installation videos on our website and on YouTube, but RV’ers are more than welcome to call into our customer support line and we would love to help them,” said Barnes.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, taking a long vacation to another country is nearly impossible for most people. With the Destination RV Signal Booster, the summer vacation many have dreamt about can still be a reality. The weBoost RV Destination Booster will be priced at $899.99 CAD and will be available as of March 31, 2021. The device will be sold on the Wilson Electronics website, as well as their various suppliers across Canada both in store and online.

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