Health Canada is proposing amendments to the Tents Regulations, the Toys Regulations, and the Textile Flammability Regulations under the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA) which would include Folding Camper Trailers.

Proposed Amendments to the Tents Regulations: 

Health Canada is proposing the following amendments to the Tents Regulations.

  1. Replace the flammability and fire-safety labelling requirements in the current Tents Regulations with the flammability and fire-safety labelling requirements set out in CAN/CGSB-182.1-2020 1, with an ambulatory incorporation by reference to the standard to keep the requirements current. Health Canada is further proposing the addition of a transition period of six months following an update to this standard, to allow products to meet the requirements of the updated CAN/CGSB-182.1 standard or the standard as it read before the update.

2. Align the definitions and scope of tents in the Tents Regulations and CAN/CGSB-182.1-2020, namely:

the definition for a tent in the regulations is proposed to use elements similar to the CAN/CGSB-182.1-2020 standard; 

3. Tent trailers would be added within the scope of the regulations; and air supported structures would no longer be excluded except when subject to the National Building Code of Canada, as amended from time to time, issued by the National Research Council of Canada

 4. Allow a transitional period of six months during which time tents could continue to meet the current requirements of the current Tents Regulations or of the amended regulations when the proposed amendments first come into force.

 As part of the federal regulatory process, Health Canada has asked CRVA for help from RV Manufacturers currently producing Folding Tent Campers to complete the following brief questionnaire on any impacts the proposed regulatory amendments may have on your business. QUESTIONAIRRE –

Please return your completed questionnaire to John Cameron at no later than June 28, 2021. Any information you provide will be held in confidence and reported to Health Canada in a manner that demonstrates the aggregate impacts of the proposed regulatory amendments. Your information will not be used for marketing or other purposes.