A Special Report from our friends at the RVDA of Canada

Updated Pre-Budget Submission

Following our member advocacy survey and input from our dealer body, the RVDA of Canada recently updated its written submission to Finance Canada for their Pre-Budget Consultations. These submissions will be reviewed in advance of Budget 2024.


1: RVDA of Canada recommends that the federal government commit to increasing support to Skilled Workers. This will require investments in education, tax breaks for students and grants to help support the development of a more educated workforce.

2: RVDA of Canada recommends that the federal government increase IT investments in our National Parks by increasing the development of infrastructure and support for the Tourism Industry across Canada.

3: RVDA of Canada recommends that the federal government must continue to provide financial support to increase electrical infrastructure in rural areas by providing financing and grants to businesses that are investing in the EV infrastructure.

4: RVDA of Canada recommends that the federal government amend the Excise Tax Act, to resolve the ambiguous application of Goods and Services Tax/Harmonized Sales Tax based on where the goods are released into Canada when imported.

New Endorsement Partnership

The RVDA of Canada is pleased to announce a new endorsement partnership program with Insider Perks for a dedicated AI assistant.


Introducing Roadie, your dedicated AI assistant, custom-built for RV dealerships!
Imagine a reliable, always-on team member who knows your inventory inside out and is ready to answer queries about your RVs and services. One of Roadie’s standout features is its ability to connect directly with your service department through simple texts or emails. This ensures urgent service inquiries or potential sales leads are promptly flagged for follow-up, streamlining communication and boosting efficiency.

For RV dealership owners who might be new to AI technology, Roadie is a game-changer that’s both simple to use and highly effective. This AI assistant manages routine customer questions, freeing up your team to concentrate on personalized service and sales. Roadie not only simplifies operations but also offers valuable insights into customer preferences, aiding in better business decisions.

Adopting Roadie means embracing a hassle-free, tech-savvy approach to enhance your dealership’s productivity and customer satisfaction.

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For further information, please contact:
Brian Searl, Insider Perks, Inc. Phone no: 216-232-3132
Email: brian@insiderperks.com

RVDA of Canada’s Pre-Owned Certified Program

Dealers are encouraged to participate in the RVDA of Canada’s Pre-Owned certified program for used inventory on their lots. The program provides dealer members with a safety tool to legitimize their pre-owned unit servicing, and to provide the consumer with added security when purchasing a pre-owned RV.

RVDA of Canada Pre-Owned Certification
RVDA of Canada Pre-Owned Certification

The Pre-Owned Certified Inspection Program offers a comprehensive 81- inspection check list based on a visual inspection, performed by licensed technicians. The inspection validates the condition of the RV (10 years or newer) at the point of purchase.

The RVDA of Canada branded decal is then affixed to the unit upon passing of the inspection and certifies the condition of the unit at the point of purchase. The pass/fail inspection will give the purchaser a full overview of the pre-owned RV.  Please contact the RVDA of Canada for further details.

Economic Impact Analysis

RVDA of Canada Economic Impact of Canadian RV Industry
Economic Impact of Canadian RV Industry

In December 2023, we released our updated study, showcasing the economic impact of the Canadian RV industry. The study, conducted by The Portage Group Inc and Parcel Economics Inc., showcased that in 2022 the RV sector generated an estimated 104,200 jobs and delivered $12.0 billion in added value to the Canadian economy from an initial expenditure of $14.3 billion.

The study also revealed that approximately 2.1 million (or 14% of) Canadian households own an RV.

The full report can be found here.

RVDA of Canada
RVDA of Canada
Eleonore Hamm, RVDA of Canada
Eleonore Hamm

Eleonore Hamm, President
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