RVIA Product of the Year
Progressive Industries’ Portable Surge Kit has been named the Aftermarket Product of the Year by the RV Industry Association (RVIA).

The Portable Surge Protector Kits are an innovative way to protect an RV from faulty pedestal wiring and dangerous power surges. The kits contain a separate receptacle tester to detect wiring faults at the pedestal and surge module to attach to the detachable power cord. Separating the two functions reduces the size of the product while increasing protection from inclement weather.

“After extensive research into RV user experiences, we saw a definite need for this product,” stated Matt Elsner, director of product management. “RVers are using more sensitive electronics. We saw the need for a product to protect these electronics while occupying minimal space in the RV.”

Receptacle testers detect wiring faults at the pedestal, including open ground, open neutral, open hot, hot/neutral reversed and hot/ground reversed. The testers include a swivel handle for easy removal from the pedestal. Surge modules attach to the detachable power cord to provide surge protection. Their compact size increases their protection from inclement weather. They include a surge‑protection indicator alerting the user when the unit is depleted.

The Portable Surge Kits are available in both 30A and 50A models and are currently shipping.

For decades, Progressive Industries (a Park Power brand), Blue Sea Systems, On Board Solutions and Marinco have worked independently to provide innovative electrical products. Now, the companies together offer comprehensive electrical solutions for RV applications.

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