Sutherland Campus, Fleming College, Peterborough, Ontario
Sutherland Campus, Fleming College, Peterborough, Ontario

Fleming College School of Trades and Technology

Motor Power Technician – Recreational and Sport Vehicles Program

RV Dealer News: We had the opportunity to meet the team from Fleming College at the Toronto Spring Camping and RV Show. Their Trades and Technology program is an excellent way for students to acquire the skills they need to succeed in the RV and boating industry.

RVDN: Please describe the New Fleming College School of Trades and Technology Program – Motive Power Technician – Recreational Sports Vehicle.

The Motive Power Technician – Recreational and Sport Vehicle is a two-year program based on the equivalency of both the Marine Small Engine and the RV technician level one apprenticeship curriculum. We are the only college in Ontario offering a diploma program with interdisciplinary training for aviation, marine, recreational vehicles, and small engine maintenance and repair. An optional co-op and in-school apprenticeship training ensures you will graduate with a head start on your career.

Training for the trades at Fleming College.
Training for the trades at Fleming College.

RVDN: What are the career options for the students and how does the program support this?

Due to the foundational training across various transportation sectors, graduates have a range of career options, including:

  • RV Technician
  • Aircraft Interior Technician
  • Small Engine Technician
  • Turf Equipment Technician
  • Marine Technician
  • Upholsterer

We are currently in process at obtaining the RV2 propane certification, which will be embedded within the program.

We have two streams of the program – one stream is simply four semesters, it’s a two-year program with no Co-op; the second stream is five semesters and that includes a co-op where the students will take a co-op placement between the first and second year.

RVDN: Does the certification extend across Canada?

We are training to the Ontario curriculum; however, graduates can work across Canada. The RV industry has come out with the harmonized curriculum, and we have matched those learning outcomes therefore students can obtain the training in Ontario in our program for the first two years. They can then decide to travel to another province for their level 2 in-school training; as our training will have no gaps.

RVDN: What affiliations do you have within the RV and their associated industries?

We have currently partnered with the Canadian Recreational Vehicles Association (CRVA), Canadian RV Dealers Association (RVDA), Ontario RV Dealers Association (ORDVA), Great Canadian RV, Flying Colours Corp, Yamaha, and Buckeye Marine. We are excited to partner with any interested organizations who would like to support and participate in this amazing new program.  There are many ways of supporting the program, through scholarships, bursaries, donations, equipment, training aids and more.

RVDN: That’s excellent – as far as the skills that you teach – would they cover a full spectrum of electrical, fibreglass, sheet metal and welding? You mentioned small engines and fiberglass repair – what are the applicable skills that you teach at the college?

Our students will be able to analyze, diagnose, and solve various motive power system problems by using problem-solving and critical thinking skills and strategies and by applying fundamental knowledge of motor vehicle operation, components, and their interrelationships. For example, students will be able to diagnose and repair;

  • climate control systems in compliance with manufacturers recommendations; engine systems
  • electrical, electronic, personal safety, and emission components and systems
  • drive train components and systems in compliance with manufacturers recommendations
  • suspension, steering, and brake components and systems

Students will be able to disassemble and assemble components and will learn troubleshooting techniques. Students will apply basic knowledge learned in the program to diagnose, test and analyze motive power systems and subsystems. Our website has a full listing of the courses, learning outcomes and skills please see

RVDN: Are there any other aspects that you would like us to mention?

The addition of our upholstery courses provides the opportunities for students to service various transportation industries. These transferable skills will provide careers in RV, marine, aircraft, motorcycle and ATVs (Recreational Sports Vehicles).

RVDN: As far as the Fleming College experience is concerned, can you describe the campus lifestyle – local facilities on campus and within the city.

Sutherland Campus, Fleming College, Peterborough, Ontario.
Sutherland Campus, Fleming College, Peterborough, Ontario.

Fleming College offers a complete college experience.

The Sutherland Campus features a Residence Village just a short walk away from Fleming’s labs, workspaces, and classrooms. The residence features fully furnished rooms with a full kitchen, bathrooms and a private bedroom. There is on-site laundry with outdoor basketball and volleyball courts and a barbecue area available to all students.

The Sutherland Campus is also home to rolling hills, scenic walking trails complete with lookout points and handcrafted benches.

Fleming Athletics offers students a chance to participate in both varsity and intramural sports, and the Peterborough Sport and Wellness Centre is just a short walk from the Sutherland Campus.

A City of Peterborough transit pass is included in tuition, which can take students to all corners of our campus community in Peterborough, ON.

The City of Peterborough sits in the heart of Kawarthas, a stunning natural area with a vibrant dining, arts and sports scene.

RVDN:  What accommodations and programs do you have for international students who might want to come up and take the program here in Ontario?

The program is currently not open for to international students for the September 2024 intake. However, Fleming expects that international students will be able to apply for the September 2025 intake.

Fleming College’s International Student Services helps students from around the world as they begin their post-secondary journey at Fleming College.

From arrival to supporting students through a wide range of services, Fleming ISS is committed to ensure students get their most of their time at Fleming.

ISS supports students from the moment they arrive in Canada, assisting students each step of the way in everything from housing, immigration support, health insurance and orientation as they begin their studies in Peterborough, ON.

RVDN: I would imagine you have campus tours so people can come and take a look before they commit to applying?


Campus tours are available and can conveniently be booked online. Prospective students can also meet with a student recruiter to get their questions answered and find out a bit more about college life at Fleming. Virtual tours are also available for those who can’t make it in person and can be found on our website.

Fleming College is hosting a Spring Open House April 20, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

This is a great way to check out the facilities, meet program instructors and chat with current students about their experience at Fleming College. We will also have representatives on hand to answer questions about financial aid, residence and the enrolment process.

Visit here to register for Fleming’s Open House.

RVDN: Are there any scholarships or bursaries that might be available?

There are about $2 million in scholarships and bursaries available to students at Fleming College.

The conditions of each scholarship and bursary can vary depending on the individual or organization funding the scholarship or bursary.

All registered students are eligible to apply for a bursary through Fleming’s online bursary application portal.

Fleming College also offers financial aid to qualified students. Prospective students are encouraged to use our online budget calculator to help understand their financial needs as they prepare for their post-secondary education.

Learning the trades at Fleming College.
Learning the trades at Fleming College.

RVDN: Why choose Fleming?

This is the only program of its kind in Ontario. Designed in partnership with marine, aircraft, recreational vehicle, and power sports businesses, the program has been endorsed by provincial and national industry associations.

Fleming College is pleased to offer this program with an Indigenous Perspectives Designation. Students who pursue this unique designation are required to complete a series of Indigenous Studies courses and four approved Indigenous events or experiences. These students graduate with a comprehensive understanding of Indigenous cultures, histories, contributions and experiences in our shared society.

Fleming’s strong emphasis on applied learning and student success means that students graduate ready to work, and ready to succeed in their chosen careers.

RVDN: Thank you very much for sharing this information on the Trades and Technology programs. The trades are essential to the future of the industry and it’s a wonderful industry for people to embark on a career – so take a close look at the program at Fleming College – it’s an environment that will prepare you for decades of success in your chosen field.

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