A Special Report from Shane Devenish

CCRVC’s mission is to support the Canadian Camping and RV Industry, foster projects to enhance the camping experience for both Canadians and international visitors, work with federal decision makers to ensure a thriving Canadian tourism sector and to serve as Private Campground Owner’s Advocacy Voice on a national level. CCRVC is proud to be a member of the Tourism Industry Association of Canada (TIAC).

As part of a $6.1-billion-dollar RV and Camping Industry, Private Campgrounds in Canada not only make a considerable contribution to our economy but to the health and well being of Canadians. The RV sector also directly and indirectly supported an estimated 67,200 jobs and delivered $4.8 billion in added economic value to the Canadian economy from an initial expenditure of $6.2 billion during 2019.

Federal Advocacy Efforts

Each year, the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance “FINA” invites Companies, Associations, Charities and Economic Stakeholders to submit what are called “Pre-Budget Consultations” every Fall.

A report by the Committee compiling of the list of recommendations from these consultations is tabled in the House of Commons, usually by year end, to help form the preparation of the Minister of Finance’s next budget.

The Canadian Camping and RV Council  has submitted a Pre-Budget Submission on behalf of their Provincial Members since 2015. The Chair of the House Finance Committee in 2022-2023 is Mr. Peter Fonseca, M.P. for Mississauga East—Cooksville (Liberal).

Pre-Budget Submission to the Standing Committee on Finance

The CCRVC submitted their  Pre-Budget Submission on behalf of their Provincial Member Campground Owners Associations earlier in August.

Please see our recommendations to the Minister of Finance with link to our full report below.

Recommendation 1:

That the Government provide an exemption, by legislative change or other means, to seasonal businesses such as private campgrounds employing less than five full-time employees year-round and who are unfairly categorized as a “specified investment business” as a result, to make them clearly eligible for the small business tax deduction without the annual subjective judgement by the Canada Revenue Agency.

Recommendation 2:

That the Government recognizes the economic impact and significance of Canadian Private Campgrounds with greater investment, grants, resources and marketing initiatives to facilitate desperately needed expansion of existing facilities and new campground developments to meet increased demand in camping destinations.

Recommendation 3:

That the Government provide funding for electrical infrastructure improvements and enhancements in rural areas throughout Canada so that Private Campgrounds could have the opportunity to add green energy charging stations and assist the Federal Government’s goal of having people drive and charge vehicles where they live, work and play, with a larger available network of EV charging locations across the country.

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The Canadian Camping and RV Council (CCRVC) is a national not-for-profit Association consisting of members from Provincial Private Campground Owners’ Associations, the Recreational Vehicle Dealers Association (RVDA) of Canada and the Canadian Recreational Vehicle Association (CRVA).