Cheltec Inc. is pleased to announce that RV Lifestyle, LLC. will represent their Camp Champ brand of holding tank treatment and cleaning products within the RV aftermarket in the US and Canada.

“Camp Champ is not just another holding tank treatment product. Their RV Super Digest liquid and drop in tablets contain 31 billion enzymes that will digest all solids, including household toilet paper, and clean tank probes,” Said Reese Bischoff, RVLI, LLC. Owner and National Sales Manager. “Their RV Odor Abate product converts odorous gases into microscopic particles, then balances the PH level allowing decomposition of all waste without odour,” Bischoff said. “It is truly a state-of-the-art product that works in both black and gray water tanks…” “With only one ounce required for black water and a half ounce for gray water tanks, it has one of the lowest costs per treatment on the market. We are extremely excited to have Camp Champ join our RVLI family of leading RV aftermarket brands”, Bischoff stated.

Cheltec, who produces this ECO friendly product, has been producing waste treatment chemicals in the agricultural industry for over 25 years. Utilizing their vast knowledge of enzyme-based waste treatments, the Camp Champ brand was launched in 2016 targeting the RV market.  “{RVLI LLC.’s} vast knowledge and relationships with 2 step distribution through retail will be a strong asset to our business. Their proven track record in the chemical category will further strengthen our growth strategies for the RV aftermarket channel,” said Jason Marquez, Camp Champ National Sales Manager.

RVLI, LLC. has been a leading aftermarket sales representative agency for 20 years, representing the finest brands in the US and Canada within the RV and Marine industries.