The following is a press release from the CRVA, for more information on the CSA Z240 standards and the procedures involved, please see the special feature by Garth Cane upcoming issue of Canada’s RV Dealer News Magazine.

We are very pleased to report that the amendments to the CSA Z240 RV Series-14 have been approved and the updated standard has been published.

Major changes include:

① Type and size Except where flexible cords are required by Clause, low-voltage wiring shall be made of non-metallic sheathed cable (NM type) or of armoured cable or enclosed in rigid or flexible conduit. The conductors shall be made of copper and shall not be less than 14 AWG in size.

This permits RV Manufacturers to use either Canadian NMD or US NM-B wire

① 4.2 Overall length The overall length shall not exceed the following when the vehicle is folded or stowed for transit: a) fifth-wheel trailers: 14.65 m (48 ft), measured from tip to tail; b) motor homes: 14 m (46 ft), measured at the floorline from the rear extremity to the front of the main body; and c) travel trailers: 13.1 m (43 ft), measured from tip to tail including the frame hitch.

While the length of travel trailers has been increased to 43 feet in the CSA Z240 code, the allowable length is still governed by provincial/territorial highway authorities into whose area the RV units are shipped in regard to the maximum vehicle length allowed. Thus, we still require change with the applicable regulatory authorities to allow for the increase in length of travel trailers but having this amendment in the CSA Z240 RV Series code is a critical first step while we advocate the proper governing bodies.

Find a list of all revisions in the Z240 RV Series-14, Recreational Vehicles — updated January 2020 below:

Z240.0.2-14 Clauses 4.2, 5.4.2, 5.7.7, and 5.7.9

Z240.3.2-14 Clause 7.1.1

Z240.4.2-14 Clauses 2, 5.5,, 5.7.4, and 13

Figures 4 and 5

Z240.6.2-14/C22.2 No. 148-14 Clauses 5.1.2 and

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