Torklift has released the newest addition to its heavy-duty towing line – the SuperHitch Cannon receiver extension, designed for new 2017-2019 Ford trucks.

The Cannon inserts into the factory hitch to extend the trailer hitch out to the trailer. It comes in three lengths – 36-inches, 42-inches and 48-inches. It can tow up to 7,200 pounds with 720 pounds of tongue weight when used with a weight distribution system. It comes with the patented lateral support safety chains to prevent side-to-side movement while towing, a very special set bolt system that easily locks it into the factory hitch and is also internally reinforced for maximum strength.

“Since 2017 Ford Motor Company has been producing Super-Duty trucks with a factory trailer hitch featuring a 3-inch receiver opening,” explained Torklift President Jack Kay. “This poses a problem for folks who want to tow a trailer while hauling anything that extends past the trucks bed like a sled deck or a truck camper that has a rear overhang because before the Cannon extension was available, no extension was compatible.”

“The truck industry is really starting to compete when it comes to towing, we are not surprised that even the factory receiver opening is bigger than the standard 2-inch or even the larger 2.5-inch opening everyone was used to – just one more way to be bigger and badder,” said Kay. “We named it the Cannon because like an actual cannon it’s designed for extreme use over long periods of time.”