Ultra-Light Travel Trailer and Truck Camper manufacturer Lance has announced plans to lift the curtain on an all-new website (lancecamper.com). The new site features:

  • 2020 product enhancements and addition of new models, including travel trailers 2075 and 2445
  • A redesigned model comparison tool. Select and compare floor plans side-by-side.
  • A modern visual menu design for both desktop and mobile; intended to increase user experience to ease navigation throughout the site.
  • Backend technology improvements, increasing performance and search engine optimization.
  • An updated online brochure viewing experience.

“A website is the key to managing a brand’s digital presence, communicating its story, and effectively providing critical information to the public. As a quality manufacturer, we take pride in evolving our website along with our product to present the customer with a positive experience from the web search to the campsit,” says Bob Rogers, marketing director.